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Established since 2012, we are a team of dedicated experienced Unmanned Vehicle enthusiast and specialist. With our vast knowledge in Unmanned Vehicle system, we are glad to provide services, product sales, consultancy and after sales services of various unmanned vehicle product. Our core specialties is in the utilization of Unmanned Vehicle Inspection of Critical Asset for High Risk Industries

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Our Core Services

External Inspection

High and difficult to access are often costly and involve with a lot preparatory works. Most of the time, human is sent to these risk areas for asset inspection / assessment. 

With our external Inspection Services, inspections that used to take 2-3 days can now be completed in few hours.

Internal / Confined Space Inspection

Internal or Confined space inspection poses high risk for human entry. Often, a very limited time is granted for human entry to the confined space, and thus inspection in these area often consume lot of time and money.

With our experience operator and inspector, these inspection can be completed in fraction of the time.

Unmanned Bridge Inspection

Bridges around the world has become more structurally complicated and thus requiring the need of new inspection techniques.

With our Ingenious design, bridge under deck inspection could be made in more cost efficient and safely. Road interruption also could be minimized..


Other Services

When Total mean A to Z in Unmanned Vehicle world

Drone Thermography

High resolution aerial thermography

Crop Spraying

cost efficient crop management

Tethered Drone Solution

unlimited flight time

Aerial Photogramettry

efficient land management

Customized Unmanned Vehicle

inspection of inaccessible places

Unmanned Vehicle Maintenance Services

Fleet management services

Our Product

Driving technology for leading brands

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